A Complex Thing

from by Bill Borman

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And distilled, it brings, a song about the simple things
A song of life and death and love and hate
The revolution comes with bickering, not guns
While the man at the altar screams "I fear change"

"And what are we to be?" the dreamer asks the dream
"For surely nothing's what it seems?
I see duality; hubris and humility
and I think it's a little too cliché"

May the world come crashing down on me this day
When from this dream I wake
And real life
Is a complex thing to calculate

She said "it feels like time is all too quickly passing by
And I don't know quite what to do or say"
I said "I'd be concerned if you yourself were not perturbed
For all of us are finite, and all of us can break"

And we are what we are and were; some faceless God, the arbiter
Some stupid choice the decider, of what we'll someday be
Finally she turns to leave, but fleetingly she looks at me
Her silence says "I still don't see."

"But who are we to dream?" the butterfly asks the man
"I've lived for days yet I don't know who I am"
The man says "can't you see that truly I am you and you are me?
Though I still feel I'll never understand"

And the world comes crashing down on me as planned
When from this sleep I stand
And real life
Is a complex thing to comprehend


from In Our Dreams We're Flying, released December 11, 2011




Bill Borman New Zealand

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